Free Model Guild

Drawing From Life


Every Wednesday 1- 4pm

at the Marshall Center

10009 E. McLoughlin Blvd, Vancouver, WA


Wednesdays at the Marshall Center there is a $5/month fee when models are hired. (charged only if you attend when a model is hired) Models are usually hired on the first two Wednesdays of the month. Otherwise, we typically take turns doing 20 minute posese.


Every Saturday 12:30 - 3:30pm

Marketplace Mall

Evergreen & Columbia

Downtown Vancouver


Saturdays at the Marketplace is completely free to drop by and draw. We do not hire models, but request that all who attend take turns posing. We typically do 20 minute poses.



 Modeling on Wednesday is usually 3 hours with breaks, and is paid. But we also welcome volunteers for short poses on Saturdays or Wednesdays.

For more information please email Marianne via our contact page.


The Freemodel Art Guild was created in 2005 by Marianne Stokes as a free opportunity for her students at Clark College, Vancouver, Washington to paint or draw from a live model.  At first, members met at alternating homes and took turns drawing each other.  However, more and more artists wanted to come so we needed a larger space.  Various galleries, coffee shops and other facilities volunteered free space to us.  We decided to meet twice a week as some felt once a week was not enough.  Finally Jantzen Beach Mall donated a huge community room to us as the other locations were not big enough. It was wonderful with plenty of light and next to a food court so we could buy snacks.  We were there 7 years until the mall was torn down.  On the last day we all rode the wonderful antique carousel before it was dismantled.  We were very sad!! Once again we had to find a new Wednesday location but we now were meeting on Saturdays at the beautiful Marketplace Mall on the corner of Evergreen and Columbia Streets in downtown Vancouver.  The mall has graciously allowed us to use their indoor court now for 8 years!!  Amazingly the City of Vancouver came to our rescue and offered us a lovely room with floor to ceiling windows where we currently meet at the Marshall Center every Wednesday at 1 pm.  WE SO APPRECIATE ALL WHO HAVE GENEROUSLY DONATED FREE SPACE TO US OVER THE YEARS!!  We could not have done this without their help.  (BTW, we are the only art group in the U.S. that offers a free opportunity to work from a Live Model twice weekly.)

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